Fantasy Fairways


Design Team:
Travis Chandler – Producer
Tim Day – Developer Lead, Design Lead*
Robert Fernandez – Designer*
Jasmine Marciel – Developer*
Jessoca Nebolsky – Artist*
David Heid – Artist*

* denotes EGS lab membership

Design Concept:
Fantasy Fairways is a bit like golf but for engineers. To win, a player a must shoot a hole in one on every hole. To do that  they must place contraptions throughout the level and then carefully aim their shot. If all goes according to plan they can proceed to the next hole. It’s a game that can be played by those who are into puzzles but also those who want to master their execution of a level. Compete for high scores to show that you have the most well designed hole.

Fantasy Fairways is the third game by Sweet Roll Studio. It will be released on PC in early 2017.

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Fantasy Fairways Trailer
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