Foolish Mortals


Design Team:
Chase Brandes* – Producer

Dan Silva* – 2D Artist

Joseph Lipinski* – Programmer

Ryan McGlennon* – 3D Artist

* denotes EGS lab membership

Design Concept:

Take control of the Elder God, Cthulhu and smite any foolish mortals who dare to stand in your way!

In “Foolish Mortals,” players play as Cthulhu and try to fend off waves of incoming military units. Players can use Cthulhu’s arms to punch enemy units into oblivion or throw them around to their heart’s content! Building combos and performing stylized moves will summon cultists which cthulhu can use to deal out extra damage.

As the game progresses, larger waves of enemies and more varied units will attack to try and stop Cthulhu. Each vanquished mortal gifts Cthulhu with a small amount of energy. It’s up to the player to keep up the onslaught to put the mortals back in their place!

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