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Dungeon Diner

Hollowhead Games (Coming Soon)

What would happen if you combined the hustle of a cooking game like Overcooked with the fast-paced action of Hades? Dungeon Diner is a game where you play as a new chef in a fantasy diner, slaying food-based monsters for their tasty ingredients.



Litterbox Games (Coming Soon)

A neon-rhythm, dodge-em game with an addictive game loop in which enemies move with the player and the player moves to a beat.


Underdog Studios (Coming Soon)

Starhound is a 2D top down shooter, you play as a dog in a spaceship defeating enemies (cats) and advancing further into space. It’s a quick and accessible mobile game with survival mode characteristics!


Trouble in Tornado Town

Abducted Monkeys (Coming Soon)

Enjoyable and experimental experiences for casual and hardcore gamers alike. Trouble in Tornado Town is an arcade-style game where destruction is merely an end to your catastrophic means.

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Digital Janitors

Tired Turtle Games (2021)

An action-packed desktop defense game where hackers have taken your employer’s network hostage and the player must defeat the hacker threat.

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Fling to the Finish

Split Side Games (2021)

A wacky cooperative platformer where you’re tethered to your best friend, worst enemy, or awkward acquaintance. Get up close and personal as you share a controller operating two halves of an energetic duo.

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Sons of Ra

Pharaoh Hound Games (2021)

Send your armies and build up defenses in this fast-paced strategy game where players take control of opposing pharaohs in Egypt.

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Fallen Angel

Matrioshka Games (2021)

Tossed aside and cast out. It’s time to claim your birthright. Rise as Lucifer and battle the armies of the afterlife and ascend to claim vengeance.



Gossamer Games (2019)

You are the only source of light in a world shrouded in darkness. Wander through desolate environments, painting the land with light as you discover its mysterious past.


Foolish Mortals

Point Filter Games (2018)

Take control of the Elder God, Cthulhu and smite any who dare to stand in your way. In Foolish Mortals, play as Cthulhu and fend off waves of incoming military units.

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STOA Games (2018)

A re-imagined shoot ‘em up where you can kill enemies utilizing the environment’s shadows. Guard the tomb relic against hordes of enemies all while keeping your light alive.


Asteroid Ambulance

252 Games (2018)

Play as space ambulance pilot Pete Striker as you save stranded astronauts from hazards such as asteroids, black holes, and dreaded intergalactic space pirates.


Fantasy Fairway

Sweet Roll Studio (2017)

This is golf, but for engineers. To win, a player a must shoot a hole in one on every hole. To do that  they must place contraptions throughout the level and then carefully aim their shot.


Chubby Guppy

Aquarius Inc. (2016)

Help navigate a brave little fish through a dangerous maze by dropping food for him to follow. Be careful to avoid the traps and to use as little food as possible or the poor fish might get too fat to fit through the exit!

Malevolence Inc.

Sweet Roll Studio (2015)

Place traps throughout a randomly generated level in order to defeat your opponent in this competitive platformer. From lethal lasers to giant fans, players must avoid falling prey to the many traps their opponents place, while also avoiding any traps they have placed themselves.



Lunar Rabbit (2015)

In the midst of space, a star wishes to escape. Use the gravity of other celestial objects to propel the star through an endless space, collecting smaller celestial bodies along the way to gain mass. But hurry or you may trapped in the pull of the black holes.



Sweet Roll Studio (2014)

Lost in space with no one to save them thousands of cats drift without hope. Who will save the felines from the vastness of space? Control a magical ball of space yarn and save all the kittens!



Fox and the Little Prince (2014)

Alchemia is a twist on the Match Three puzzle genre. Draw a line between more than three elemental blocks and you can create a new element.


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