The Diamond Eye Conspiracy

What will you find at the outer reaches of the Paley Library? Infiltrate the secret world between the stacks and see beyond your perception of the everyday. With an eye on the past, and an ear towards the future, will you be able to solve the mysteries you were never meant to see? Will you join the Diamond Eye Collective or be part of their undoing?

“The Diamond Eye Conspiracy” is a hybrid work of theater and games. Integrating elements of video game design, physical theater, and dance, the Entrepreneurial Game Studio in collaboration with Joe Ahmed, Arianna Gass, and Daniel Park, seeks to create systems that encourage public play. Our experiences force people to break out of their daily routines, see the playful opportunities in the spaces around them.

Registration will open 4/1/16.

Show Dates:
4/20/16 (Preview)
4/21/16 7:00
4/21/16 9:00
4/22/16 7:00
4/22/16 9:00
4/23/16 7:00
4/23/16 9:00
4/24/16 5:00
4/24/16 7:00

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