War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds is an innovative mixture of site-specific live performance and games. Using H. G. Wells and Orson Welles’ eponymous works as a stepping-off point, War of the Worlds asks Philadelphians to work together to defend their city from alien attack. War of the Worlds is a collective-building experience that connects people in different regions of the city through narrative and game play. No one puzzle can be solved and no site can be saved without the cooperation of other players online and around the city.


War of the Worlds is a collaborative effort between the Entrepreneurial Game Studio, Swim Pony Performing Arts, and the William Penn Foundation.


Loud, strange, and never seen before on earth! Swim Pony is committed to the creation of unique live performances that are joyful and defy tradition in order to bring contemporary audience beyond their experiences of the every-day. For more info: https://swimpony.org/



William Penn Foundation Logo

The William Penn Foundation, founded in 1945 by Otto and Phoebe Haas, is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Greater Philadelphia region through efforts that increase educational opportunities for children from low-income families, ensure a sustainable environment, foster creativity that enhances civic life, and advances philanthropy in the Philadelphia region. With assets of over $2 billion, the Foundation distributes approximately $90 million in grants annually. Learn more about the Foundation at www.williampennfoundation.org.

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